Born in Bangalore, brought up in Bangalore, being in Bangalore makes us part of a rare species ! Working together in a technology company brought us together. Our best buy has been the travel bag that’s packed and ready at all times. Our travels used to be ‘wild’ at first, with some horse riding, falling at some remote falls, checking into shady hotels …. and we’ve slowly mellowed down to visiting wildernesses instead. Of course, in the middle of cleansing ourselves with pure air and peace of mind, we also enjoy breathing in some history, architecture, countryside, people – the list goes on.

While on the run, or rather, on the road, we try to capture and document the stories that life has to tell us, in images that freeze the moment and videos that capture the action.

Cooking together is fun, and so is fighting to decide which place should we visit first or who drives our beloved car. 🙂

We have been learning about nature and natural history. Poornachandra Tejavi’s stories on nature, his dog ‘kivi’, and his adventures have held us spellbound. So have Kripakar and Senani’s 14 days in the forest with Veerappan. As has Karthikeyan, with his wild wanderings. And the list goes on and on. These are the extraordinary people who have inspired us to learn from the tiniest to the mightiest.

There are people who talk with passion about technology, about trees, about bugs – and here is our attempt to share what we’re seeing, observing and learning. After all, don’t we learn more when we share? And a joy that’s shared is also a joy made double 🙂

Rana and Sugandhi

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